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RFTech has prepared for the digital age through continuous R&D, a spirit of creative improvement, the securance of information and communication core technologies through complete quality assurance, and innovation of organizational culture. The major topic of the new digital age is the digital convergence of various functions, while maximizing efficiency and convenience of information and communication devices that have played their own role.

Now, RFTech is rapidly responding to changes in the digital environment and is striving to be competitive in the era of digital convergence with new challenges and a pioneering spirit. To this end, all employees are united in their efforts to advance the business structure and strengthen the company's constitution by intensively nurturing the core competencies.
We will become a world class company by creating the value of the company ourselves, delivering boundless customer satisfaction, providing the best return to our shareholders, and bringing pride and satisfaction to our members. Moreover, we will be a company trusted by our customers, investors, and shareholders through a clearer and more transparent system of management.

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Jin-hyung Lee

President & CEO RFTech Co.,LTD.